Lucky Stiff
Episode 14 of 24 within Season Three. Item 48 of 128 overall.
Production number 314.
Alexi Hawley - Writer
Emile Levisetti - Director
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The brutal murder of a lottery winner has Castle and Beckett up to their eyeballs in suspects, envious and angered by the victim's sudden move from the poorhouse to the penthouse. As the precinct buzzes with fantasies of what our cops would do if they won the lottery, Martha struggles with the reality of such a decision when she suddenly inherits money she feels she doesn't deserve.   

original airdate--February 07,2011                      rating--9.26 million

songs--"Theme song:Castle Whistle Theme by Robert Duncan"

  1. "Loose" by Benny Blanco and Spank Rock
  2. "Move That Ass (Get On The Floor)" by The Page Brothers
  3. "Money ($$$)" by Tim Myers (opening song)
  4. "Shake that A$$" by Jeff Russo

Goof--When Beckett is investigating the crime scene, she claims that the gun (.357 Magnum) found next to the victim would create a larger entry wound than that on the victim. However the bullet diameter of a .357 Magnum is almost identical to that of the 9mm which is claimed to be the actual murder weapon. These weapons would leave entry wounds of comparable size and could not be distinguished with the naked eye.

Trivia--While undercover at the nightclub, Beckett tells drug dealer Oz that she wants to feel "shiny". This was intended as a reference to Nathan Fillion's previous show, Firefly. In that show, the word was frequently used as slang by the characters.

  • The song Beckett is playing on her guitar ("Move that ass, get on the floor.") is the one the rappers performed in the studio.
  • Castle sets up a scholarship fund in Kate Beckett's moms name.

There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people. Psychopaths and mystery writers. I'm the kind that pays better. Who am I? I'm Rick Castle. Every writer needs inspiration. And I found mine. And thanks to my friendship with the mayor, I get to follow her around. And together we catch killers.


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regional titles

Gelukkig Stijf
Lucky Stiff
Heureux Raide
Glücklich Steif
Righin Lucky
Fortunato Rigido
Afortunado Tieso