Lonely Hearts
Episode 2 of 22 within Season One. Item 2 of 110 overall.
Production number 1ADH02.
David Fury - Writer
James A. Contner - Director
400 votes

Angel, with the aid of a new friend, tracks a serial killer whose hunting ground is LA's single bars. Also, Doyle tries to win the affections of Cordelia.

original airdate--October 12,1999      rating--5.6 milion       

songs--Angel Main Theme - the Sanctuary Extended Remix by Darling Violetta

  1. "Girlflesh" by THC
  2. "Neo-Climatic" by Sapien
  3. "Deadside" by Ian Fletcher
  4. "Do You Want Me" by Kathy Soce
  5. "Lazy Daze" by Mark Cherrie & Ian MacKenzie 
  6. "Emily Says" by Chainsuck
  7. "Quango" by Helix
  8. "Touched" by Vast
  9. "Ballad of Amave" by Chucho
  10. "For You" by Adam Hamilton
  11. "Dissonance" by Ultra-Electric

Body Count

  1. Kevin, killed and possessed earlier by Talamour
  2. Sharon Reichler, killed and possessed by Talamour in Kevin's body
  3. Neil, killed and possessed by Talamour in Sharon's body
  4. An unidentified woman, killed and possessed by Talamour in Neil's body
  5. Danny, killed and possessed by Talamour
  6. Talamour, set on flames while Danny's body collapsed and rotted

Goof--At around minute 27:00 of the episode, when Angel gets thrown across the room, there is a cameraman in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • In the scene when Angel, a vampire, runs after the barman towards the end, after the barman has tried to pass on the demon to Kate and Angel stopped him, there is a mirror, and when Angel runs past it, he has a reflection.
  • When Angel is fighting the worm demon you can see a cameraman in one of the shots.
  •  In the scene where Detective Lockely arrests Angel in the apartment, the window behind them shows that it's daytime. But when Angel jumps out the window, it's night time.

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regional titles

Lonely Hearts
Angel fait Èquipe
Einsame Herzen
Cuori solitari
Corazon solitario