Chuck Versus The Muuurder
Episode 19 of 26 within Season Four. Item 87 of 107 overall.
Production number 3X6319.
Alex Katsnelson - Writer
Kristin Newman - Writer
Allan Kroeker - Director
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Chuck is put in charge of a top-priority mission, but his leadership skills are pushed to the limit when there is a murder in Castle.

Meanwhile, Awesome takes on a mission of his own when Ellie finds an alarming new hobby. Elsewhere, Morgan's leadership is also tested when his Buy More troops wage war against Large Mart.   

original airdate March 21,2011       rating: 4.32 million


songs:Theme Song: "Short Skirt / Long Jacket" by Cake

  1. "I Need You" by The Blood Arm
  2. "Any Way You Want It" by Journey
  3. "Victim" by Win Win
  4. "Move To The Mountains" by Clock Opera


Goof--During the time when Chuck tries to quietly tell everyone about Damian being the killer, everyone but Chuck points the guns at Bentley and is within close proximity of each other. When the scene momentarily pans out to show Damian lying on a bench, they all stand far apart with Josie facing off against Casey while Sarah against Bentley. In the next shot, they are close to each other again.

  • Chris Fedak mentions the name of Agatha Christie, who is possibly the inspiration for this murder investigation themed episode.
  • The title of the episode is based on Lewis's British accent, when he shouts the word "murder".
  • The name of the Large Mart mascot, Kevin Bacon, is a play on the name of actor Kevin Bacon.
  • Nerd Herd staff Skip Johnson appeared in the episode, after previously last appearing in the episode "Chuck Versus the Suitcase.
  • The song "Any Way You Want It" is Brody's ringtone, which is the same as the one Chuck had in the pilot episode.



                       "Saving the World ... At 11 Dollars an Hour"

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regional titles

Gooi Tegen De Muuurder
Chuck Versus The Muuurder
Jeter Contre Le Muuurder
Schmeißen Sie Gegen Den Muuurder
Chuck i gcoinne an Muuurder
Buttare Contro Il Muuurder
Bote Contra El Muuurder