Subject 13
Episode 15 of 22 within Season Three. Item 59 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X6115.
Akiva Goldsman - Writer
Jeff Pinkner - Writer
J. H. Wyman - Writer
Frederick E.O. Toye - Director
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In a follow up to last season’s “Peter” flashback episode, the all-new “Six Months Later” episode revisits a poignant period of time for both the Bishops and Olivia.

original airdate--February 25,2011     rating--4.02 million


song--"Fringe Main Title Theme" by JJ Abrams


Glyph code spells-- SWITCH

Trivia--An early, generic, network press release indicated the title of the episode would be "Six Months Later". The official press release, three weeks prior to the original airing, announced the actual title - Subject 13.

Goofs: The periodic table of the elements shown in the background as Walter enters his Jacksonville office clearly shows listings of elements up to element 117. Only the elements up to 109 had been discovered at the time frame of the scene.

  • During the series of tests Olivia is put through, she is set to try to put together a 3-dimensional puzzle; that puzzle is the same one used in J.J. Abrams' other series, Alias.

Observer Sighting--The Observer is inside of Bishop Dynamic lab in Florida and stops and looks at Secretary Bishop as he enters and is greeted by one of the staff there.


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regional titles

Betreft 13
Subject 13
Sujet 13
Thema 13
Ábhar 13
Oggetto 13
Tema 13