Episode 18 of 22 within Season Three. Item 62 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X6118.
Monica Breen - Writer
Alison Schapker - Writer
Dennis Smith - Director
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In the parallel universe, Fauxlivia is returned home by her mother Marilyn after undergoing a pre-natal test to see if she has viral propagated eclampsia, a virus that killed her sister and child during childbirth. She believes she is being followed, and contacts Lincoln at the Fringe division, who sends over a security detail. By the time they arrive, Fauxlivia has been kidnapped; though they try to follow a secret tracker each agent carries, her abductors have extracted it to throw Fringe off their tracks.

Walternate and Lincoln believe the abduction to be an inside job due to this. Astrid identifies a vehicle that has passed by Fauxlivia's home at a high frequency, that being the taxi that belongs to Henry.

Lincoln and Charlie track down Henry, who explains he has been keeping an eye on Fauxlivia, surprised to have seen her return and seeming like a different person than his previously encounters with her; Henry is unaware that he had actually helped the prime universe's Olivia to escape ("Olivia" and "The Abducted"). Lincoln, suspicious of these events, forces Walternate to admit that Fauxlivia was switched with Olivia, and that the child Fauxlivia carries is his grandchild.

Meanwhile, Marilyn learns that Fauxlivia's test for the virus are positive, and warns Lincoln that she will die if she has the child.

original airdate--March 25,2011         rating--3.84 million  


song--"Fringe Main Title Theme" by JJ Abrams

  1. "Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning" by Sandra Lynn


Glyph code spells--FATED

Goof: When Fauxlivia escapes from the makeshift lab, she is supposedly barefoot. Several times while she is staggering around Chinatown, you can see that she is wearing some kind of skin-colored cloth/rubber shoes on her feet.

Trivia: Henry is seen reading a comic strip called "Opus the Peahen" drawn by Berkeley Breathed. Breathed is a real, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, whose real strips featuring the character Opus the Penguin ran (under several different titles) from the early 1980s until 2008. The presence of this strip in the Alternate Universe highlights several differences between "our" world and theirs: in ours, the Opus character is a male penguin, while in theirs, she is a female peahen; in ours, Breathed no longer draws a comic strip, while in theirs, he apparently still does. The "peahen" strip was drawn especially for the show by Breathed himself.

Observer Sighting--An Observer lurks across the street from Dunham's apartment while her abductors wait for her inside. The Observer descrys Brandon intercepting a blood sample in the hospital stairwell.


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