In a Dark Dark House (season finale)
Episode 22 of 22 within Season Eleven. Item 251 of 341 overall.
Production number S11E22.
Tom Mularz - Writer
Jeffrey Hunt - Director
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After years of pursuit and a countless number of murders, Langston comes face-to-face with serial killer Nate Haskell inside the house where his killing spree began.

original airdate--May 12,2011            rating--11.77 million

songs--Theme song--"Who Are You" by The Who


Goof: When IA officer Schultz turns up, he mentions a previous investigation involving Warwick. The same actor appeared in both episodes, but his name in the first was 'Wagenbach'.


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regional titles

In een donkere Dark House (seizoen finale)
In a Dark Dark House (season finale)
Dans une maison sombre Dark (finale de la saison)
In a Dark Dark House (Saisonfinale)
I Dark Dark Teach (finale séasúr)
In un Dark Dark House (finale di stagione)
En Casa de Dark Dark (final de temporada)