The God Complex
Episode 11 of 13 within Season Six. Item 90 of 133 overall.
Production number 6.11.
Toby Whithouse - Writer
Nick Hurran - Director
84 votes

The Doctor, Amy and Rory investigate a hotel of horror where repeat business is low but the body count is high, where a mighty monster stalks the corridors and the rooms hold visions of angels, apes and creepy clowns. Who — or what — has brought them to this place? Can the Doctor solve the mystery before the residents check out in grisly style?

original airdate--September 17,2011               rating--6.77 million UK figure

Main enemy: The Minotaur      

Main setting:  Prison ship


  1. The room in which the Doctor talks to the Minotaur is called "The Pasiphaë Spa". According to Greek mythology, Pasiphaë had given birth to the Minotaur after falling in love with a bull.
  2. Amy's room number was 7, a reference to her age when she first met the Doctor.
  3. The Doctor's room number was 11, a reference to the fact that Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor and that this story is the eleventh of the 2011 series. A similar "11' reference occurred in the eleventh episode of series 5.
  4. When the Doctor and the gang enter the room containing the ventriloquist dummies, a boom mic is visible in the reflection of the mirror behind the bar (07:16).



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regional titles

De God Complex
The God Complex
Le Complexe de Dieu
Der Gott-Komplex
An Coimpléasc Dia
Il Dio Complex
El complejo de Dios