The Blood Line
Episode 10 of 10 within Season Four : The New World. Item 41 of 41 overall.
Production number S4E10.
Russell T. Davies - Writer
Jane Espenson - Writer
Bill Gierhart - Director
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The Torchwood team travel around the world on a final, desperate mission; the Three Families are unstoppable unless a terrible sacrifice is made. Can the Miracle that has cursed humanity be reversed?

original airdate-September 9,2011     rating-U.S.-0.95 million                                                                                                           U.K.-5.13 million

music--Torchwood theme song--by BBC National Orchestra of Wales & Ben Foster


Main Enemy:The Mother; The Three Families 

Main setting: Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Swansea, Los Angeles and Langley, VA, 2011

Goof: At the very end of the episode, when Rex is checking his phone, when the camera is facing him, his phone is being held in portrait, but when the camera is over his shoulder, looking at the screen, the phone is in landscape. This is shown twice, when the camera shots switch.

  • Nobody would be allowed to bring personal cell phones into a secure area at CIA. In general, personal items such as Charlotte's purse would probably be banned as well.
  • In the last scene just after Rex is shot, and is lying on the floor of the mausoleum, the size, color, and location of the blood stains on his shirt changes.
  • In the situation room, the boss says it is 11am in DC and 9pm in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is UTC -3:00, DC is UTC -5:00 - only 2 hrs time difference not 14.
  • When explaining the Blessing's effect to Jilly, the Mother states that "in 1998, the average life expectancy from birth on this planet was 66 years, 5 months, and 33 days." No month is 34 days long; this should either be "6 months and 2 days" (assuming a standard month of 31 days) or "6 months and 3 days" (assuming the standard is 30 days).
  • The Spanish speaking liaison, Sandra, is introduced as Sandra Lopez but credited as Sandra Morales.


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regional titles

De bloedlijn
The Blood Line
La ligne de sang
The Blood Line
An Líne Fola
The Blood Line
La línea de sangre