Scarlet Ribbons
Episode 1 of 24 within Season Four. Item 71 of 144 overall.
Production number 4X6801.
Bruno Heller - Writer
Charles Beeson - Director
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In prison for killing his nemesis, Patrick Jane must prove that the man he shot really was Red John.

Meanwhile, Lisbon urges Van Pelt to seek counseling in the aftermath of the death of her fiancé, Detective O’Laughlin, on the fourth season premiere.

original airdate-September 22,2011         rating-13.56 million

Theme song--The Main Title Theme--(Extended Version) by Blake Neely

  1. "Messed Up In Memphis" by Darryl Worley
Now You Know--Every episode title contains a reference to the color red, like "Paint it Red", "Scarlett Fever", "Russet Potatoes", or "Bloodshot". This is because Patrick Jane's nemesis is the ingenious sadistic serial killer, Red John.


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regional titles

Scarlet Ribbons
Scarlet Ribbons
rubans écarlates
Scarlet Ribbons
Ribíní Scarlet
Scarlet Ribbons
Cintas de color escarlata