Making the Connection
Episode 2 of 23 within Season Eight. Item 169 of 191 overall.
Production number 802.
Matt Berry - Writer
Tara Nicole Weyr - Director
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Susan discovers a dangerous, thrilling way to ease her guilt; Gaby plans a surprise for Carlos; Bree makes a discovery about Chuck's past; Renee tries to win Ben over.

original air date-October 2,2011                         rating-9.16 million

music--Theme song--"We Don't Need Lov"... by Fitz & The...

  1. "Let Them Stare" by Julia Michaels
  2. "Find Something To Do" by Hellogoodbye
  3. "Headspace" by We Barbarians
  4. "Making the Connection" by Stephen Sondheim (Lyric line from the song Putting It Together From Sunday In the Park With George)



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regional titles

Maken van de verbinding
Making the Connection
Établir la connexion
Herstellen der Verbindung
Ceangal a dhéanamh ar an
Effettuare la connessione
Establecer la conexión