The Art of Making Art
Episode 5 of 23 within Season Eight. Item 172 of 191 overall.
Production number 805.
David Flebotte - Writer
Lonny Price - Director
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SUSAN MUST DECIDE WHETHER SHE WILL COMPLY WITH HER ART TEACHER'S REQUEST FOR ALL OF HIS STUDENTS TO SHOW UP NUDE TO CLASS TO CREATE FROM A POINT OF HONESTY...Susan is mortified but tries her best to comply when her art teacher, Andre Zeller, asks the students to show up to class in the nude in order to help them create from a point of honesty.

Meanwhile, Bree serves up some delicious, homemade soup for the homeless at the local shelter, but ends up enticing the local hipsters and pushing out those in need.Gaby finds herself without a staff to help set up a school event when her lackadaisical approach to her new job as president of the PTA insults the parent volunteers.

Elsewhere, Renee helps a reluctant Lynette get back into the dating pool by taking her to a singles bar; and Carlos finds himself hitting rock bottom when the guilt over murdering Gaby's stepfather begins to engulf him.

original airdate--October 23,2011  rating--9.17 million


music--Theme song--"Desperate Housewives" by Danny Elfman

  1. "Let Them Stare" by Julia Michaels
  2. "Art of Making Art" by Stephen Sondheim 


Title reference:  Lyric line from the song Putting It Together From Sunday In the Park With George



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regional titles

De kunst van het maken van kunst
The Art of Making Art
L'Art de Faire de l'art
The Art of Making Art
An Ealaín na Dhéanamh Ealaíne
L'arte del fare arte
El arte de hacer arte