Carpe Noctem
Episode 4 of 22 within Season Three. Item 48 of 110 overall.
Production number 3ADH04.
Scott Murphy - Writer
James A. Contner - Director
305 votes

Looking for eternal youth, An old man uses an algurian body-switching spell to switch body with Angel. He soon enjoys his new youth and strength while Angel is trapped in a weak body, in a retirement home.

original airdate-October 15,2001 rating--3.2/5.0 million

network: WB

music--Theme Song: "Angel Main Theme" by Darling Violetta

  1. "Jaded Heart" by Limor
  2. "Galaxy Bounce" by The Chemical Brothers 


Body Count:

  • Marcus, Heart Attack in Marcus' Room
  • unidentified Man, Melted in Hotel Room

Monster of the Week: 

There is no monster of the week in this episode.


  • Wolfram & Hart: Lilah clears the Hyperion of all its codes violations in an attempt to stick it to Gavin. Gavin also mentions looking into Angel's history and whether or not he actually exists in a legal sense of the word.


For over a century, the vampire, Angelus, blazed a swath of murder and mayhem across Europe, until a gypsy curse restored his soul. His guilt and remorse eventually led him to Los Angeles where he battles evil and helps the helpless in his neverending quest for redemption.

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regional titles

Carpe Noctem
Carpe Noctem
Dans la peau d'Angel
Der Geist des Marcus
Carpe Noctem
Carpe Noctem
Carpe Noctem