Authority Always Wins
Episode 2 of 12 within Season Five. Item 57 of 86 overall.
Production number 502.
Mark Hudis - Writer
Michael Lehmann - Director
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At the Vampire Authority headquarters in New Orleans, Bill and Eric meet Salome and become acquainted with the Authority’s interrogation techniques. Pam recalls her human life as the madam of the Comstock Brothel in San Francisco, and her first encounter with Eric. Werewolves J.D. and Rikki pay tribute to Marcus, but Alciderefuses to participate or take his rightful place as the new packmaster.

Martha Bozeman shows up wanting to see her granddaughter, causing conflict for Sam and Luna. Fearing Russell’s return, Sookie procures a home-protection system; Arlene tries to get to the bottom of Terry’s erratic behavior; Steve Newlin stops by with an offer for Jessica; and Jason feels the brunt of his womanizing ways. 

original airdate--June 17,2012   rating--4.42 million


songs--Theme song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett

  1. “Coming for You” by Grant Langston
  2. “Hang It Up” by The Ting Tings 
  3. “The Authority Song” by Bosco del Ray
  4. "Short Cut Down a Long Road" by Big Band Johns



  1. San Francisco 1905, we first see Pam sitting at bar at her brothel. She is apparently a madam, and realizing one of her girls has not returned, she goes into the room to find her dead/slain. Later at night she is walking and almost mugged. The attacker puts a knife to her, and Eric swoops in and slashes his throat.
  2. Terry has two separate flashbacks of war-time in Iraq.

Goofs: When Roman is addressing Bill and Eric, as he says, "To meet under these circumstances", his lips don't move until he says the word "circumstances".

  • When Hoyt is talking to Jason while fixing Maxine's kitchen sink, as Hoyt says, "Why do you care anyway?", Jason has his hand on the edge of the worktop/counter. In the next shot, his hand is resting on the dishwasher, below the counter.
  • When Jason is confronted by the son of Sharon Singer at the sheriff's office, his arms keep changing position; most notably, when the kid attacks him, Jason's right arm goes from being over the kid's arm to being pinned between shots.


In the near future, thanks to the Japanese invention of synthetic blood, vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are trying to peacefully co-exist with humanity. When a vampire moves into the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the tolerance of the locals is put to the test. Local waitress Sookie Stackhouse, unusual in her own right because she can read minds, finds herself drawn to the stranger whose mind is hidden from her.

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regional titles

Autoriteit wint altijd
Authority Always Wins
Autorité gagne toujours
Behörde gewinnt immer
Údarás Buann gcónaí
Autorità vince sempre
Autoridad siempre gana