Waiting In The Wings
Episode 13 of 22 within Season Three. Item 57 of 110 overall.
Production number 3ADH13.
Joss Whedon - Writer
Joss Whedon - Director
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Angel takes the gang out for an evening at the ballet but becomes suspicious when the prima ballerina is the same one he saw dance more than 100 years ago.

When Cordelia and Angel sneak backstage to investigate, they are consumed by overwhelming passion for each other as they are possessed by spirits of unrequited ballet lovers held captive by the sinister ballet troupe leader.

Elsewhere, Fred finds that both Wesley and Gunn have feelings for her too, but she must eventually choose one of them.

original airdate--February 04,2002 rating--2.8/4.6 million

network: WB

music--Theme Song: "Angel Main Theme" by Darling Violetta

  1. "Menuetto: Allegretto String Quartet Op.17, in F Major" by Haydn


Body Count:

  • 2 Kurskov's Minions,Stabbed by Angel Backstage
  • Kurskov's Minion, Stabbed by Wesley Backstage

Monster of the Week: 

  • Count Kurskov: Count Kurskov is a fairly powerful wizard who had a ballet company. After discovering the prima ballerina in an affair with another man, he removes her from time and forces her to make the same performance every night. She is eventually freed when Angel smashes his source of power.


  • Pylea: After freedom was given to the Pylean people in the second season finale, they deposed Groosalugg and set up a people's republic of sorts.


  1. Gunn and Fred: Gunn and Fred have their first kiss and presumably begin a much deeper relationship.
  2. Groosalugg: Groosalugg, Cordelia's true love from Pylea, has found his way into this plane of reality and caught up with Cordelia.


For over a century, the vampire, Angelus, blazed a swath of murder and mayhem across Europe, until a gypsy curse restored his soul. His guilt and remorse eventually led him to Los Angeles where he battles evil and helps the helpless in his neverending quest for redemption.

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regional titles

Wachten in de coulissen
Waiting In The Wings
Attente dans les ailes
In den Startlöchern
Feithimh In The Wings
Attesa dietro le quinte
Esperando en las alas