Letters of Transit
Episode 19 of 22 within Season Four. Item 96 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X7019.
Akiva Goldsman - Writer
Jeff Pinkner - Writer
J. H. Wyman - Writer
Joe Chappelle - Director
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The saga leaps ahead to 2036, where rogue agents from a marginalized Fringe Division recover most of the original Science Team after two decades encased in Amber.

Meanwhile, the Observers have most of the native population subjugated, oppressed and repressed as an inferior culture... but there is new hope.

original airdate--April 20,2012          rating--3.089 million


songs--Fringe Main Title Theme by JJ Abrams

  1. "Dolami" by Sebastian


Glyph code spells--QUAKE

Walters Food Fetish--Licorice (red)

Trivia: This episode follows the pattern established in season two: The fourth-to-last episode of a season is "the weird one". Season two (23 eps) had #2.20, Brown Betty, a musical, whereas season three (22 eps) had #3.19, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, a partly animated episode. And this one is a flash-forward episode.

Goof: A seam line on the amber in which Walter was encased can be seen on the back side edge of the block.

Observer Sighting--Observer Sighting. September appears to be out of the loop in this specific future, but was referenced as providing key information to Walter when his society was attempting to purge this universe. The occupation force of Observer's seems to have adopted Manhattan as one of it's enclaves on the North American continent. Basically, you can't swing a dead resistance fighter without hitting an Observer.


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regional titles

Brieven van Transit
Letters of Transit
Lettres de transit
Letters of Transit
Litreacha Idirthurais
Lettere di Transit
Cartas de Tránsito