World's Apart
Episode 20 of 22 within Season Four. Item 97 of 115 overall.
Production number 3X7020.
Graham Roland - Story
Nicole Phillips - Teleplay
Matthew Pitts - Teleplay
Charles Beeson - Director
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Both universes begin sharing aligned disasters and it becomes apparent that David Jones is using the Cortexiphan talent from Olivia's youth to draw both universes into the same gravitational space.

Fringe Divisions generate a shared investigation and come to a terrible decision - they need to end the alliance they have fostered and terminate the healing influence of the Wave Sink Device.Fringe case file #420-42712

original airdate--April 27,2012        rating--3.1 million


songs  "Fringe Main Title Theme" by JJ Abrams

  1. "Separate Ways" (Worlds Apart) by Journey


Glyph code spells--ALIVE

Fringe Event: Synchronized universe earthquakes

Classified case connection: David Robert Jones/Cortexiphan subject activation

Location:Manhattan, NY

Goofs: The subject was on campus at Salem Bay University. There is a Salem State University, but there's a better chance that the geographical shot they used was either Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (MIT)

  • Right at the beginning of the show, four of Jones' minions are shown moving to specified geographic locations at a synchronous time. Three at in the Eastern Hemisphere: Australia, China, Nepal, and the fourth is in the Western Hemisphere, in New York. Yet all four are shown as being in daylight; this is impossible: if it were daylight in the Eastern Hemisphere, it would be night in the Western Hemisphere, and vice versa.

Observer Sighting--The Observer walks near Sally Clark on the shore of Sydney Harbor in New South Wales, one of Jones' planned seismic epicenters.


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regional titles

Wereld's Apart
World's Apart
Monde en dehors
Welt ist neben
Domhanda T Amach
Mondo Apart
Hay un mundo aparte