The Suit on the Set
Episode 12 of 13 within Season Seven. Item 142 of 239 overall.
Production number 7AKY12.
Karine Rosenthal - Writer
Emile Levisetti - Director
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Brennan and Booth head out to Los Angeles to consult on the production of “Bone of Contention,” a film based on Brennan’s latest book and the work of the Jeffersonian team. While on set, Brennan intervenes after finding flaws with the actors’ performances, not to mention the film’s total disregard for science. Then she discovers that the prop cadaver being used is an actual murder victim, forcing her and Booth to launch an investigation that has real-world consequences in the land of make-believe. 

Meanwhile, Booth is offered a job on the studio lot, and embarrassing information is revealed about Cam’s past.

original airdate--May 07,2012   rating--6.91 million

network: Fox

songs--Bones Theme (Squints Mix By DJ Corporate) by The Crystal Method

  1. "End Credits" by Peter Himmelman


Squintern of the Week: Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray 



"To Unravel A Murder, You Have To Strip It To The Bone".

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regional titles

Het pak op de Set
The Suit on the Set
Le costume sur le jeu
Der Anzug am Set
An Suit ar an Set
Il Suit sul set
El traje en el set