Letís Boot and Rally
Episode 5 of 12 within Season Five. Item 60 of 86 overall.
Production number 505.
Michael Lehmann - Writer
Angela Robinson - Director
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With time running short, Bill and Eric enlist Sookie to probe for clues on Russell’s hiding place. Unable to deal with the demon magic inside him, Lafayette calls out to Jesus’ spirit for help. Patrick Devins and Terry are held hostage in the bunker of their Iraq War buddy Brian Eller.

Jason wakes to a disturbing dream; Jessica gives Tara advice on adjusting to vampire life; Sam visits Luna with bad news.

original airdate--July 08,2012  rating--4.50 million


songs--Theme song--"Bad Things" by Jace Everett

  1. "Rescue" by Echo and the Bunnymen
  2. "Let's Boot and Rally (with Bethany Cosentino)" by Iggy Pop
  3. "Let's Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight" by DidiPop
  4. "Undertow" by Warpaint


Flashback--Jason has a flashback to a Christmas morning with his parents and Sookie.



In the near future, thanks to the Japanese invention of synthetic blood, vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are trying to peacefully co-exist with humanity. When a vampire moves into the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the tolerance of the locals is put to the test. Local waitress Sookie Stackhouse, unusual in her own right because she can read minds, finds herself drawn to the stranger whose mind is hidden from her.

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alternative title

Also known as - Boot N' Rally Ally

regional titles

Let's Boot en Rally
Letís Boot and Rally
Soit Boot et Rallye
Let 's Boot-und Rallye
Tosaithe Let agus Rally
Boot Let e Rally
Vamos a inicio y el Rally