Gone Gone Gone
Episode 10 of 12 within Season Five. Item 65 of 86 overall.
Production number 510.
Alexander Woo - Writer
David Winant - Director
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With vampire-on-human attacks increasing, the Authority attempts to woo public favor.

Meanwhile, Nora tries to convert Eric to Lilith’s gospel. Jason finds a mysterious scroll; Elijah, the new vampire sheriff of Area 5, pushes Pam and Tara to obey a new mandate; Sam and Luna search for Emma; Russell seeks a higher calling.

original airdate--August 12,2012  rating--4.49 million


songs--Theme song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett

  1. "You Know, I Know" by John Lee Hooker
  2. "Heavens to Murgatroid" by Acumen Nation
  3. "Need a Little Help" by Cree Rider
  4. "Growing Up Too Slow" by The Quick Hellos
  5. "Supertripper" by Circuit Freq
  6. "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Carl Perkins
  7. "Bread and Water" by Caroline Horn
  8. "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry



In the near future, thanks to the Japanese invention of synthetic blood, vampires have "come out of the coffin" and are trying to peacefully co-exist with humanity. When a vampire moves into the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps, the tolerance of the locals is put to the test. Local waitress Sookie Stackhouse, unusual in her own right because she can read minds, finds herself drawn to the stranger whose mind is hidden from her.

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regional titles

Gone Gone Gone
Gone Gone Gone
Autant en emporte Gone Gone
Vorbei Ist Vorbei
Imithe Imithe Imithe
Andato Gone
Gone Gone Gone