Asylum of the Daleks
Episode 1 of 13 within Season Seven. Item 98 of 150 overall.
Production number 225.
Steven Moffat - Writer
Nick Hurran - Director
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Kidnapped by his oldest enemies, more powerful than ever, The Doctor is forced on a mission - to a place even the Daleks are scared of... the Asylum. A planetary prison confining the most terrifying and insane of their kind - The Doctor and ex-companions Amy and Rory must find a way to escape. But with Amy and Rory's marriage in meltdown, it is up to the Doctor to save his oldest enemies... and his friends' marriage.

original airdate: September 01,2012  rating--6.4 million/ 8.33 million UK

network: BBC One

music--theme song "The Chase" by Murray Gold

  1. "Feel the Love" Rudimental feat. by John Newman
  2. "Carmen, Act I: "Quand Je Vous Aimerai?" - "L'amour Est un Oiseau Rebelle" (Havanaise) (Carmen, Choeur)" by Ambrosian Singers, Claudio Abbado, John McCarthy, London Symphony Orchestra & Teresa Berganza
  3. "Carmen, Act II: "Votre Toast... Je Peux..." - "Toréador, en Garde" (Escamillo , Tout Le Monde , Pastia , Zuniga , Carmen/ Choeur, Frasquita, Pastia, Dancaire", by Alicia Nafé, Ambrosian Singers, Claudio Abbado, Geoffrey Pogson, George Main, Gordon Sandison, Jean Lainé, John McCarthy, London Symphony Orchestra, Robert Lloyd, Sherrill Milnes, Teresa Berganza & Yvonne Kenny
  4. "Remember Me" by Murray Gold


Enemy: Daleks       

Location: The Dalek Asylum

Villian's Name: Dalek

Alias: Kaleds, Mark III Travel Machines, Dals, Metaltron, Ironsides

Occupation: Universal genocide

Powers/skills: Lethal and destructive raygun, Deadly plunger arm that scan brainwaves, Ability to fly (also in space), Super intelligence, Advanced Space and Time Travel technology, Possibility of regenerating by absorbing a time traveller's DNA, Ability to use fire and electricity, Bullet proof shell (also proof to some lasers)

Type of Villain: Hostile Species


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regional titles

Asiel van Daleks
Asylum of the Daleks
Asile des Daleks
Asylum der Daleks
Tearmann na Daleks
Asilo del Daleks
Asilo de los Daleks