Spin The Bottle
Episode 6 of 22 within Season Four. Item 72 of 110 overall.
Production number 4ADH06.
Joss Whedon - Writer
Joss Whedon - Director
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When Lorne performs a spell on Cordelia to restore her memory, it inadvertently causes the gang to revert back to their high school personas and leaves them with no memories of each other.

Eventually, they discover that the only way to reverse the spell is to kill a vampire, just as Angel realizes that he is one.

original airdate--November 10,2002   rating--2.4/3.6 million

network: WB

music--"Angel Main Theme - the Sanctuary Extended Remix by Darling Violetta

  1. "The Way We Were" originally by Barbara Streisand



Body Count:

  • Vampire, Staked by Connor in the Alley


  1. Cordelia: Something occurred between Cordelia coming down from the higher reality and showing up in the hotel. All that is revealed in this episode is that it involves a red demon. By the end of the episode, Cordelia regains all of her memories.
  2. Wesley: As a young man, Wesley attended the Watchers Academy in order to train to become a Watcher for potential slayers. At the academy, he was "Head Boy," which is presumably a high ranking student.
  3. Fred: It has already been mentioned that Fred is from Texas. She mentions that she went to school in San Anton. As a teenager, Fred was very different from how she is as an adult. She was apparently a conspiracy theory spouting pothead in high school.


For over a century, the vampire, Angelus, blazed a swath of murder and mayhem across Europe, until a gypsy curse restored his soul. His guilt and remorse eventually led him to Los Angeles where he battles evil and helps the helpless in his neverending quest for redemption.

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regional titles

Draai de fles
Spin The Bottle
Spin The Bottle
Casadh An Buidéal
Gira la bottiglia
Girar la botella