No Pain, No Gain
Episode 5 of 21 within Season Four. Item 44 of 88 overall.
Production number 405.
Nell Scovell - Writer
Jay Chandrasekhar - Director
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Pete and Myka investigate a hockey player who is miraculously recovering from his injuries; Claudia is invited to a mysterious lunch with Mrs. Frederic.

However, Artie and Steve has discovered that someone is stealing artifacts from the warehouse.

original airdate--August 20,2012    rating--1.56 million


songs--Theme song--Warehouse 13 Main Theme by Edward Rogers

  1. "In the Deep" by Bird York
  2. "Rock And Roll, Part 2" by Gary Glitter


Artifacts Featured:

  • Bataan Death March Dogtags: Owned by one of the soldiers who survived the Bataan Death March during World War II, the dog tags grant the holder the ability to fulfil wishes that affect the people that they love and care for. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Bracelet: "Born" during a robbery at a jewelry store, imbued with its wearer's desire to protect a baby from being shot by a robber at the risk of her own life. Effects unknown, although presumably protective in some manner.
  • Emperor Jimmu's Feather: A beautiful glowing crow's feather that is capable of inducing insanity and death if gazed upon directly.
  • Metal Pinwheel: When spun releases a spray of petals and sparkles that put whoever they're blown at to sleep.
  • Primo Levi's Scarf: The wearer gains deep insight and intellect; side effects include prolific bouts of writing and easy inticement into deep thought. It however makes the wearer prone to extreme dizzy spells and dangerous falls. One of the artifacts stolen by the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond.
  • Hatfield and McCoy Rifles: Drawn to each other by the ire of the famously feuding families; the two rifles have an intense gravitation towards one another and if you look down the scope of either rifle you can see out the scope of the other one. Once they meet, though, they start wildly shooting at each other all on their own. The McCoy rifle is one of the artifacts stolen by the Brotherhood.
  • Steampunk Segway: A Warehouse 13-style segway that Artie uses to quickly travel through the Warehouse.


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regional titles

No Pain, No Gain
No Pain, No Gain
Aucune douleur, aucun gain
No Pain, No Gain
Uimh Péine, Uimh Gnóthachan
No Pain, No Gain
Sin dolor no hay ganancia