Endless Wonder
Episode 7 of 21 within Season Four. Item 46 of 88 overall.
Production number 407.
Robert Goodman - Writer
Michael McMurray - Director
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Artie, Steve and Claudia try to find out where Brother Adrian is hiding.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka search for an artifact that is making people taller with deadly consequences, while a nosy drug executive is tailing them and is putting the secrets of the Warehouse itself at risk.

original airdate--September 10,2012  rating--1.66 million


songs--Theme song--Warehouse 13 Main Theme by Edward Rogers


Artifacts Featured:

  • "Rhodes Marble Bowl": Carved from the remains of the Collossus of Rhodes, causes excessive growth in whoever touches it, leading to pain & eventual death as their body stretches itself apart from the inside. [main artifact of the episode].other artifacts;
  • "Threshold of Limentinus": Creates portals when the threshold is placed at the base of any wall.
  • "Gold Spike from the Trans-Continental Railroad": The spike that completed the railroad, it helps pull or hold things together.
  • "Harriet Tubman's Thimble": Let's user look like whomever they wish. Stolen and used by Brother Adrian to assume Artie's appearance.
  • "Invincibilty Raincoat": Boosts the immune system, allowing for instant healing and perceived invincibility. However the wearer becomes obsessed with murdering everyone they see.
  • "Magellan's Astrolabe": Reverses and erases 24 hours of time. 
  • "Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife": Transfers diseases or injuries from one person to another. 
  • Paul Bunyan's Axe: Mentioned as being in the Warehouse. Effects unknown, implied to be growth-related.
  • King David's Slingshot: Mentioned as being in the Warehouse. Effects unknown, implied to be growth-related.

Trivia: Pete makes reference to Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, a character played by guest star Brent Spiner.


  • It's interesting to note that an artifact portrayed in the show has the word "threshold" in its name as Brent Spiner also had a role on the television show Threshold.
  • The episode title harks back to the pilot, when Mrs. Frederic informed Pete of his 'invitation to endless wonder', and the first episode of season three, where Steve is infomed of 'a world of endless wonder'.



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regional titles

Endless Wonder
Endless Wonder
Wonder sans fin
Endless Wonder
Wonder endless
Wonder Endless
Maravilla sin fin