The Six Million Dollar Mon
Episode 7 of 13 within Season Nine : Comedy Central. Item 125 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ACV07.
Ken Keeler - Writer
Peter Avanzino - Director
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Hermes starts performance reviews so that he may rid Planet Express of its worst employee, heavily implying that this will be Zoidberg.

However upon completing the review, Hermes determines that he is the worst-performing employee, spending too much time on performance reviews. He fires himself and has the Central Bureaucracy replace him with a simple but efficient robot to handle the basic tasks of accounting for Planet Express.

original airdate-- July 25,2012         rating--1.187 million

network--Comedy Central 

music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng



Title caption--"This Episode Worth 250 Futurama Points"

Title reference--"The American television series The Six Million Dollar Man and the fact that Hermes pronounces "man" as "mon".

Goofs--When Hermes shows his firing tie, the Professor looks worried, but Hermes can't fire him, he owns the company.


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regional titles

De Zes Miljoen Dollar maan
The Six Million Dollar Mon
La Mon Six Million Dollar
The Six Million Dollar mo
Na Sé Milliún Dollar Luan
The Six Million Dollar Lun
Los seis millones de dólares lun