Viva Mars Vegas
Episode 11 of 13 within Season Nine : Comedy Central. Item 129 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ACV11.
Josh Weinstein - Writer
Frank Marino - Director
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The Robot Mafia holds up an armored car and steals $8 million in cash, but jettisons it into a dumpster on Earth when the police give chase.

Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew takes a vacation to Mars, planning to stay at Leo and Inez Wong's hotel and casino. Amy suggests that Doctor Zoidberg stay behind, given how poor he is. Disappointed, Zoidberg climbs into a dumpster, only to have the robbery money fall into his lap.

original airdate--August 22,2012    rating--1.071 million

network--Comedy Central 

music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


Title caption--Made By Hand (And Tentacle)

Title reference--The 1964 Elvis Presley film Viva Las Vegas

Goof--The deal between the native martians and the Wongs here, is different to the deal mentioned in "Where the Bugallo Roam".


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regional titles

Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas
Viva Mars Vegas