Naturama (finale) part 2
Episode 13 of 13 within Season Nine : Comedy Central. Item 131 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ACV13.
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In a three-part extravaganza entitled “Naturama,” the Futurama crew members are reborn as wild animals struggling for survival in their native habitats.

Salmon Fry” --faces vicious predators, towering waterfalls, and the obnoxious Salmon Zapp Brannigan” as he races upstream to mate with the lovely one-eyed Salmon Leela.

Tortoise Professor” -– an ancient and nearly extinct Galapagos tortoise – makes an epic journey to track down the last surviving female of his species.

Elephant Seal Bender”--Finally, the huge, blubber-filled  battles to the death to keep all other males away from his vast harem of adoring females.

original airdate--August 29,2012                 rating--1.365 million

music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng

Title caption--Tell Your Parents It's Educational

Opening cartoon --"Mutual of Omicron's Wild Universe"

Goof--Salmon-Scruffy is seen several minutes after being eaten by Lobster-Zoidberg.

  1. During the camera pan from the new born seal cubs to their fathers, the Elephant Seal-Fry is missing pupils for several seconds.



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regional titles

Naturama (finale) deel 2
Naturama (finale) part 2
Naturama (finale) partie 2
Naturama (Finale) Teil 2
Naturama (finale) cuid 2
Naturama (finale) parte 2
Naturama (finale) parte 2