Long Day's Journey
Episode 9 of 22 within Season Four. Item 75 of 110 overall.
Production number 4ADH09.
Mere Smith - Writer
Terrence O’hara - Director
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When the gang learns that the answer to stopping the Beast is among them, everyone suspects Connor, until Cordelia begins to receive visions from the Powers That Be. 

Meanwhile, Angel and Gwen discover that the Beast is preparing a device that will blot out the sun permanently and turn the world into a demon playground.

original airdate--January 22,2003      rating--2.3/3.5 million

network: WB

song--Theme song - the Sanctuary Extended Remix by Darling Violetta


Body Count:

  • Ashet, Disembowled by the Beast on the Rooftop
  • Manny, Torn Apart by the Beast @Gwen's Panic Room


  • Wolfram & Hart: Without the little girl from the White Room, the Earthbound offices of Wolfram & Hart are cutoff from the senior partners. Her real name was Mesektet, she was one of five beings linked to Ra, an ancient god.
  • Big Bad: The Beast has been targeting members of the Ra-tet and removing the items under their protection. Using the things he took from the five, he performs the ritual which blots out the sun and reveals that he once offered an alliance with Angelus.
  • Shanshu Foreshadowing: The Shanshu prophecy noted that "the vampire with a soul" will become human after many trials and challenges, including "the coming darkness." In this episode, the sun is blotted out.


  1. Angel: The Beast seems to have some kind of subconscious control over Angel due in part to the meeting between him and Angelus two hundred years prior to the events of this episode. The gang comes up with a plan to figure out what the Beast's next move is by turning Angel into Angelus.


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regional titles

Long Day's Journey
Un viaggio lungo un giorno