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Production number 1610.
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Kyle is convinced that his mom is having an affair with the UPS delivery man,The man who visits all the homes in South Park every day is now under suspicion.

The luxury of having packages delivered to your doorstep is suddenly a threat to every family in the neighborhood. Cartman takes matters into his own hands and signs up for a home security system

original airdate--October 10,2012             rating--2.33 million

music--theme music performed by the band Primus


Goofs: When Cartman tells a man to break into the house, his phone then rings. He doesn't press the answer button but is still able to answer the call.


  • Cartman walks into his house and can't remember the code to turn off the alarm, so he gets a call from the security company. When the man on the phone introduces himself, the clock on the wall on the right hand side of the screen reads 2:02. Cartman then tells him he can't remember what the code to turn of the alarm is. The shot then returns to security worker and the clock on the wall now says 12:37. Cartman then tells him what the security catchphrase might be and he says the catchphrase might be "Kyle is a no good dirty Jew" and "Kyle is a no good lying Jew". The shot then returns to the security worker who says he has something different, when this happens the time on the clock returns to 2:02 for the remainder of the scene.



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