The Rager
Episode 3 of 23 within Season Four. Item 69 of 155 overall.
Production number 2J6653.
Brian Young - Writer
Lance Anderson - Director
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BORN TO BE WILD ...Connor continues his search to uncover the secrets of Mystic Falls and tries to convince Jeremy to work with him. With help, Damon and Klaus question Connor, but the confrontation takes a lethal turn. Trying to keep her new life as normal as possible, Elena is determined to continue her senior year at Mystic Falls High with support from Matt and Caroline.

Rebekah's arrival at school makes it difficult for Elena to control her anger, but she learns that confronting Rebekah can be extremely dangerous. Later, Rebekah realizes how alone she is, and reaches out to April. Stefan takes Elena on a thrilling motorcycle ride in an effort to show her that life can still be fun. Tyler gets a surprise visit from Hayley, a werewolf who helped him through the ordeal of breaking his sire-bond to Klaus. Concerned about Elena, as well as his own emotions, Stefan turns to a sympathetic Caroline for advice.

original airdate--October 25,2012  rating--2.87 million


music--Theme song--"Help I'm Alive" by Metric

  1. "Hideout" by Syvia
  2. "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers
  3. "Disparate Youth by Santigold
  4. "Girl Like Me" by Ladyhawke
  5. "Don't Say Oh Well" by Grouplove
  6. "Too Close" by Alex Clare
  7. "Keep You by" Wild Belle


Antagonist: Connor Jordan and Rebekah Mikaelson.


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regional titles

de Rager
The Rager
le Rager
Der Rager
an Rager
Il Rager
El Rager