Peace Out
Episode 21 of 22 within Season Four. Item 87 of 110 overall.
Production number 4ADH21.
David Fury - Writer
Jefferson Kibbee - Director
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Angel goes on a mission to find proof that Connor wasn't a vessel designed to bring the evil Jasmine into the world and also to find out how to destory her.

Meanwhile, Connor goes in search of the missing Cordelia.

original airdate--April 30,2003  rating--2.6/4.0 million

network: WB

music--Theme Song: "Angel Main Theme" by Darling Violetta

  1. "Home" by Robert Kral
  2. "Something's Coming" from West Side Story 


Body Count:

  • High Priest,Impaled by Keeper of the Word @Temple
  • Keeper of the Word,Decapitated by Angel @Temple
  • Jasmine,Skull Crushed by Connor in the Street


  • Big Bad: The demons that appeared at the end of the previous episode were a "trial run" that Jasmine "helped along" several millennia prior to her coming on Earth. Her spell was broken by Angel and the decapitated head of the keeper.
  • The Powers That Be: Jasmine refers to herself as "a power that was." Whether or not she was a sanctioned higher being that was sent to the earthly realm in order to bring world peace is not known.


  1. Connor: It turns out that Connor wasn't immune to the cure to Jasmine's spell because he always saw her true face. Because he was raised in a hell dimension, appearance doesn't mean much to him. Also, he's easily manipulated and Jasmine was technically his daughter.
  2. Lilah: Despite being killed by Cordelia in a previous episode, Lilah has returned from the afterlife to antagonize Angel a little more.


For over a century, the vampire, Angelus, blazed a swath of murder and mayhem across Europe, until a gypsy curse restored his soul. His guilt and remorse eventually led him to Los Angeles where he battles evil and helps the helpless in his neverending quest for redemption.

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regional titles

Peace Out
Peace Out
Peace Out
Entspann dich
Peace Out
Pace out
Paz cabo