The Long Night
Episode 5 of 22 within Season Four : No Surrender, No Retreat. Item 72 of 117 overall.
Production number 405.
J. Michael Straczynski - Writer
John Lafia - Director
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Sheridan orders a reluctant Ivanova to search for more of the First Ones, and asks one of the Ranger ship captains to act as the bait in a trap set for the Shadows. Londo's plans for dealing with Cartagia begin to inexorably unfold.

original airdate--January 30,1997


Music Performed by: Christopher Franke and The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra



Trivia--The StarFuries were the first cinematic spacecraft to fly according to Newtonian principles in a vacuum rather than maneuvering like aircraft in an atmosphere.



(Lennier): "It was the year of fire."...(Zack Allan): The year of destruction...(G'Kar): The year we took back what was ours....(Lyta Alexander): It was the year of rebirth...(Vir Cotto): The year of great sadness...(Marcus Cole): The year of pain...(Delenn): And a year of joy...(Londo Mollari): It was a new age..(Stephen Franklin): It was the end of history...(Commander Susan Ivanova): It was the year everything changed...(Security Chief Garibaldi): The year is 2261...(Captain John Sheridan): The place, Babylon 5.

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regional titles

The Long Night
The Long Night
Une nuit d'attente
An Oíche Fada
La lunga notte
La Larga Noche