The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (season finale)
Episode 22 of 22 within Season Four : No Surrender, No Retreat. Item 89 of 117 overall.
Production number 501.
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We get to follow the historical events of our heroes success to liberate the Earth. How will the future remember what happened? Somebody is watching how various eras interpret the actions taking place during the B5 command.

We will see the return of Sheridan and Delenn to Babylon 5 immediately after the event. We will also see snippets from the news reports in the aftermath of the war with consequent debates. Then we get treated with how Earth handles the historic event, one hundred, five hundred and then one thousand years after.

original airdate--November 30,1997


Music Performed by: Christopher Franke and The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra




(Lennier): "It was the year of fire."...(Zack Allan): The year of destruction...(G'Kar): The year we took back what was ours....(Lyta Alexander): It was the year of rebirth...(Vir Cotto): The year of great sadness...(Marcus Cole): The year of pain...(Delenn): And a year of joy...(Londo Mollari): It was a new age..(Stephen Franklin): It was the end of history...(Commander Susan Ivanova): It was the year everything changed...(Security Chief Garibaldi): The year is 2261...(Captain John Sheridan): The place, Babylon 5.

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regional titles

De deconstructie van Vallende sterren
The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (season finale)
L'effondrement d'un mythe
In hundert Jahren, in tausend Jahren
An deconstruction na Réaltaí Falling
La distruzione delle stelle cadenti
La Deconstrucci¤n de las Estrellas Fugaces