Kobol's Last Gleaming (I)
Episode 12 of 13 within Season One. Item 14 of 103 overall.
Production number T-1812.
David Eick - Story
Ronald D. Moore - Teleplay
Michael Rymer - Director
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Galactica discovers a planet with the ruins of a past civilization. Adama wants to survey the planet and settle down there permanently.

Meanwhile; Roslin has a vision that convinces her that this is Kobol and that she has a part to play in an ancient prophecy. Lee and Kara have a fallout. Baltar catches Galactica's Boomer about to do something drastic. And Helo is unsure of what to do with Sharon.

original airdate--January 17,2005       rating--2.2 million

music-"Battlestar Galactica Theme song"  by Bear McCreary 

  1. "Passacaglia"  composed by Bear McCreary
  2. "Kobol's Last Gleaming" composed by Bear McCreary


Goof --Socinus is on the Raptor that jumps to the planet, yet he has previously been placed in the brig for collusion and not been released or acquitted.


  • Actually a deleted scene shows Socinus released on parole by request of Chief Tyrol due to the extreme short-handedness of experienced crew. But the main point is that Socinus is a minor character and viewers cannot expect to see everything relating to a minor character. Usually a line of dialog is sufficient to explain this plot point, but as a scene was filmed and then deleted, there was no convenient place to loop it in later. Key here is that Adama held Socinus to teach the Chief a lesson. No one should have expected Adama to hold a valuable and trained worker for very long in those circumstances.



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regional titles

Kobol's Last Gleaming (I)
la recherche de la terre (I)
Kobol (I)