Kobol's Last Gleaming (I)
Episode 12 of 13 within Season One. Item 14 of 110 overall.
Production number T-1812.
David Eick - Story
Ronald D. Moore - Teleplay
Michael Rymer - Director
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Galactica discovers a planet with the ruins of a past civilization. Adama wants to survey the planet and settle down there permanently.

Meanwhile; Roslin has a vision that convinces her that this is Kobol and that she has a part to play in an ancient prophecy. Lee and Kara have a fallout. Baltar catches Galactica's Boomer about to do something drastic. And Helo is unsure of what to do with Sharon.

original airdate--January 17,2005  rating--2.2 million

network: SciFi

music-"Battlestar Galactica Theme song"  by Bear McCreary 

  1. "Passacaglia"  composed by Bear McCreary
  2. "Kobol's Last Gleaming" composed by Bear McCreary


Goof: Socinus is on the Raptor that jumps to the planet, yet he has previously been placed in the brig for collusion and not been released or acquitted.

  • Actually a deleted scene shows Socinus released on parole by request of Chief Tyrol due to the extreme short-handedness of experienced crew. But the main point is that Socinus is a minor character and viewers cannot expect to see everything relating to a minor character. Usually a line of dialog is sufficient to explain this plot point, but as a scene was filmed and then deleted, there was no convenient place to loop it in later. Key here is that Adama held Socinus to teach the Chief a lesson. No one should have expected Adama to hold a valuable and trained worker for very long in those circumstances.


When a surprise attack by the sentient robot Cylons devastated the 12 Colonies of Kobol, there was nothing the few survivors could do but flee in whatever vessels could be found. Protected by the last surviving Battlestar, Galactica, this ragged fleet of refugees searches for the mythical 13th Colony, a planet called Earth.

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regional titles

Kobol's Last Gleaming (I)
la recherche de la terre (I)
Kobol (I)