Occupation (I)
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It's been four months since the Cylons occupied the human settlement of New Caprica, and Galactica, Pegasus, and a handful of ships jumped to safety. The Colonials survive on New Caprica under Cylon rule, with some collaborating and others fighting back. Col. Tighe and Starbuck weather hellish conditions as a resistance cell strikes back against the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.

Aboard Galactica, Admiral Adama struggles with plans for a rescue, having only a handful of untested pilots at his command, understaffed ships, and facing a nearly impossible task. Part One of Two. [Originally broadcast as a 2-hour telemovie.]

original airdate--October 06,2006  rating--1.8 million

network: SciFi

music: "Battlestar Galactica Theme song"  by Bear McCreary


Goof: When Starbuck kills a Number Two, her hand is covered with blood. When she picks up a knife her hand is mostly clean. Later in the scene her hand is covered with blood again.

Trivia: When Laura Roslin is writing her diary, she mentions for the first time a Roman god name, since she states it's Mars Day (probably Tuesday in the colonial calendar, since that's the day dedicated to the god of war). We can assume they use both Mars and Ares (this name was used in the webisodes 'The Resistance'), as well as they talk of Jupiter in later episodes instead of Zeus ('The Eye of Jupiter', 'Rapture'). Laura Roslin also says for the first time that one of their gods has got an specific influence area, which is war for Mars. Later, in the episode 'Torn', Hot Dog states Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom.

  • This episode continues the survivors' story four months after the start of the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, as seen in the Season Two finale "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2."
  • In this episode, it is confirmed that Helo is the Galactica XO and Kat is Galactica CAG. Also, Dualla is serving as the Pegasus XO.
  • The title segment after the teaser mixes in new scenes with the previously used footage. The text is different, however: The Human Race, Far from Home, Fighting for Survival. The count of survivors is absent.


When a surprise attack by the sentient robot Cylons devastated the 12 Colonies of Kobol, there was nothing the few survivors could do but flee in whatever vessels could be found. Protected by the last surviving Battlestar, Galactica, this ragged fleet of refugees searches for the mythical 13th Colony, a planet called Earth.

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Bezetting (I)
Occupation (I)
Occupation (I)
Besetzung (I)
Gairm (I)
Professione (I)
Ocupación (I)