Prophecy Girl (season finale)
Episode 12 of 12 within Season One. Item 13 of 145 overall.
Production number 4V12.
Joss Whedon - Writer
Joss Whedon - Director
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Giles reads about an ancient prophecy which states that Buffy will face the Master and die, thus setting him free from his underground prison.

Meanwhile, Buffy finds out about this by overhearing a secret conversation between Angel and Giles, and reacts by deciding to abandon her slayer duties. However as more signs of the end of the world keep appearing, Buffy realizes that she must face the Master.

original airdate--June 2,1997        rating--2.8 million

network: The WB 

songs--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder

  1. "I Fall To Pieces" by Patsy Cline
  2. "Inconsolable" by Jonatha Brooke
  3. "Buffy Main Theme" by Nerf Herder
  4. "original score" by Walter Murphy


Body Count:

  • An unidentified vampire, dusted by Buffy Summers at a cemetery
  • Kevin Benedict, killed by vampires in the audiovisual room of Sunnydale High
  • Four unidentified students of the Audiovisual Club, two boys and two girls, also killed by vampires at the AV room
  • Buffy, left to drown by the Master at the Order of Aurelius' lair
  • The Master, impaled to a broken piece of wood after being thrown by Buffy to the floor of the Sunnydale High library

Goof--When Xander is doing CPR we can see his hands are high on her chest, near her throat. To properly perform CPR the hands should be lower, below the breastbone. Having his hands that high would not pump the heart and would probably break her breastbone in the process.

  • Buffy walks out of Willow's bedroom but does not close the door. In the next shot, however, the door is now closed.

Trivia: Originally, another sign of the impending apocalypse was going to be stones raining down on Sunnydale High. It was cut out due to budget costs.

  • The massive demon coming out of the Hellmouth at the end of "Prophecy Girl" had to be frightening, but the budget didn't allow for computer-generated images. The masterminds at Optic Nerve ended up making tentacle "costumes". Each of the tentacles has a human being inside, manipulating from within.


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regional titles

Prophecy Girl (season finale)
Le manuscrit
Das Ende der Welt
La profezia
La Chica de la Profec╠a