Go Fish
Episode 20 of 22 within Season Two. Item 33 of 145 overall.
Production number 5V20.
Elin Hampton - Writer
David Semel - Director
545 votes

When a monster starts preying on members of the Swim Team, Buffy takes it upon herself to protect the star players, while Xander goes undercover to discover the truth about the missing team mates.

original airdate--May 5,1998            rating--3.6 million

network--The WB 

songs--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder

  1. "Mann's Chinese" by Naked.
  2. "If You'd Listen" by Nero's Rome.
  3. Shawn Clement and Sean Murray - original score


Body Count:

  • Dodd McAlvy, turned into a Gill Monster
  • Sean, turned into a Gill Monster
  • Gage Petronzi, turned into a Gill Monster
  • Cameron Walker, turned into a Gill Monster
  • Nurse Greenliegh, eaten by Gill Monsters
  • Coach Marin, eaten by Gill Monsters

Goof: When Xander comes out of the locker room after helping Buffy keep an eye on Gage, he tells her that Gage will be out in a couple of minutes after he puts his sneakers on. Gage is then shown putting on his shoes, but they aren't sneakers.


  • When hiding behind a magazine in the lounge room watching Gage, the magazine Buffy is hiding behind changes between shots.


Trivia: In 2014, a Details Magazine interviewer asked Wentworth Miller about his experience playing a "fish monster" in this episode, his first onscreen acting job. Miller responded: "Honestly, I was completely out of my depth and doing whatever I could to keep up. They glued this prosthetic piece covered with scales to my chest. Then there was a piece over it that looked like human skin. I had to peel through the top layer to reveal the beast within. Deep into the third hour of this, the makeup artist says to me, 'We only have one of these pieces to tear through, so you need to get this right.' Hollywood can be a deeply strange place."


  • Another hint at Xander's questionable sexuality, when he talks about men in the steam room.



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regional titles

Go Fish
Les hommes-poissons
Das Geheimnis der Fischmonster
Il DNA del campione
Un Asunto Escamoso