Blood Ties
Episode 13 of 22 within Season Five. Item 92 of 145 overall.
Production number 5ABB13.
Steven S. DeKnight - Writer
Michael Gershman - Director
354 votes

As Buffy celebrates her 20th birthday, her sister Dawn finds out that she is "The Key". Confused and upset, Dawn runs away and Buffy must find her before Glory does.

original airdate--February 6,2001   rating--4.9 million


music--Theme Song: "Buffy Theme" by Nerf Herder

  1. "Holiday" by Star Ghost Dog 


Body Count

  • Dreg, killed by the Knights of Byzantium
  • Two unidentified minions of Glory, killed by the Knights of Byzantium
  • A Knight of Byzantium, killed by Glory
  • One security guard, killed by Glory

Goofs: Throughout the opening scene in the Magic Box you can see the boom microphone reflected 11 times in the glass of the display case behind Buffy. The first is at 0:06; the most obvious is at 2:17 (when the boom sweeps across, tracking Buffy); and the boom operator is visible as well in the reflection at 2:35.

  • During the opening scene in the Magic Box, in the shot at 1:07 you can see a crew member's head moving at the left edge of the frame beyond the top of Tara's head.

Trivia: This episode marks the beginning of the bond between Dawn and Spike, like younger sister and older brother or niece and uncle, which will last throughout the rest of the series.

  • The rest of the Scooby Gang, as well as Dawn herself, learn that Dawn is the Key.


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regional titles

Blood Ties
La Cl»
Legami di sangue
V√nculo de sangre