Episode 17 of 22 within Season Five. Item 96 of 145 overall.
Production number 5ABB17.
Marti Noxon - Writer
Marti Noxon - Director
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Buffy, already dealing with her mother's funeral arrangements and trying to cope with her death, now has to worry about Dawn trying to bring Mrs. Summers back from the grave. Angel arrives in town to pay his respects and comfort Buffy.

original airdate--April 17,2001         rating--4.3 million


music--Theme Song: "Buffy Theme" by Nerf Herder

  1. "Tomorrow We'll Wake" by Splendid  
  2. "Tales of Brave Ulysses" by Cream  
  3.  "Peter's Theme" by Peter and the Wolf  


Body Count

  • Two Ghora's eggs, broken by Dawn (one accidentally, another for Joyce's resurrection)
  • Joyce (in zombie form), dispelled by Dawn

Goofs: During the wide shot of Buffy and Dawn sitting on their beds prior to Joyce's funeral, it is noticeable that Buffy's room has no ceiling, just a hole at the top of the room where it should be.


  • At about 21:26, in a wide shot of Willow's and Tara's dorm room, a seated crew member can clearly be seen off to the left where the corner of the room should be. Additionally, part of the base of a piece of lighting equipment can be seen near the foot of the bed.
  • At 7:15, when the camera tracks down the hallway past the open door to Buffy's room, you can see over the top of the set. The studio wall is clearly visible, as is the lighting instrument that is supplying the "sunlight" streaming in through the set's window.
  • When Willow "magics" a book at 21:17, you see it slide out on its shelf as she gestures with her hand, but the subsequent shots in the sequence do not match its motion, so you see it slide out a second time in close-up and then see it slide out a third time in the background as she walks away.

Trivia: At 30:55, when the shopkeeper is looking for the correct book for Dawn and Spike, he hums a little song to himself. That song is the theme for Peter from Sergei Prokofiev's 'Peter and the Wolf'.

  • After Anya in past episode, it's time for Spike to give a loving and sad eulogy about Joyce. They are technically both potential very evil foes, a demon and a vampire, but they seem to have admired and loved the lady.



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