Episode 17 of 22 within Season Five. Item 96 of 145 overall.
Production number 5ABB17.
Marti Noxon - Writer
Marti Noxon - Director
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After Joyce’s funeral, Dawn stays with Willow and Tara and tells them that she wants to bring her mother back from the dead; they (especially Tara) insist that it cannot and should not be done. Angel comes back to support Buffy, though they both know that he can’t stay forever. Ben’s slip of the tongue reveals to Jinx, one of Glory’s minions, that the Key is in human form.

Meanwhile, Dawn steals a book from the Magic Box and prepares to resurrect Joyce, despite the witches' warnings. Spike offers to help her out of sympathy and takes her to Doc, a not-quite-human who knows how to bring the dead back to life. Doc tells them how to perform the spell, although he notes that Joyce might not be quite the same as she was.

However, Tara notices a witchcraft book missing and realizes what Dawn is up to; Willow warns Buffy. Buffy finds Dawn too late; the spell has just been completed. Buffy, after insisting to Dawn that she shouldn't do this to their mother, reveals to Dawn that she just as scared and hurting as Dawn is. A resurrected Joyce is on her way; there is a knock at the door, but Dawn ends the spell by ripping Joyce’s photo in half.

original airdate--April 17,2001   rating--4.3 million


music--Theme Song: "Buffy Theme" by Nerf Herder

  1. "Tomorrow We'll Wake" by Splendid  
  2. "Tales of Brave Ulysses" by Cream  
  3.  "Peter's Theme" by Peter and the Wolf  


Body Count

  • Two Ghora's eggs, broken by Dawn (one accidentally, another for Joyce's resurrection)
  • Joyce (in zombie form), dispelled by Dawn

Monster of the Week:  

  • Ghora: a three-headed creature, reminiscent of the three headed dragon King Ghidorah in various Godzilla movies. It reproduces by laying large off-white eggs with purple spots. The secondary demon was Doc, a humanoid creature with a tail and eyes that turn solid black at times, as the eyes of witches sometimes do when casting a particularly dark spell.


  • The Key: Ben slips and mentions that the key is "an innocent." This leads Glory to realize that the key is human.


  1. Willow: Willow shows that she may have some degree of telekinesis beyond being able to cast spells by pulling the book out for Dawn subtly.


Buffy Summers looks like your typical high school cheerleader type, with nothing to worry about but grades and boys. Change that to vampires and demons and you'll be right. For Buffy is the "chosen one," the latest in a long line of Slayers whose destiny it is to fight evil.

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regional titles

Voor altijd
Pour toujours...
Gefährlicher Zauber
Per sempre
Para siempre