Episode 1 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 124 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ABB01.
Joss Whedon - Writer
David Solomon - Director
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Buffy takes Dawn to her first day at the newly restored Sunnydale High, only to discover that the school still hides the deep, menacing secrets of years past.

Meanwhile, a remorseful Willow recoups in England and turns to Giles and the coven to learn to control her magic.

original airdate--September 24,2002  rating--5.0 million


music--Theme song "Help I'm Alive" by Metric

  1. "So High" by Strange Radio


Body Count:

  • Pelletti, beheaded by Buffy with a sword
  • One Istanbul Potential Slayer, stabbed by a Harbinger of Death.
  • Three Vengeful Spirits, destroyed by Xander when he breaks the Talisman

Goofs: When Buffy rolls backwards with the zombie woman on top of her, the zombie woman's top moves up to reveal her very non-dead regular person stomach.

  • When The First (masquerading as Drusilla) speaks to Spike, she touches his hair and cheek, but The First is unable to touch anything. However, since Spike is still mentally unstable after getting his soul back, it is possible that he's just imagining Drusilla is touching him.
  • When Dawn and the other girl are getting up after falling through the bathroom floor into the basement, you can see a man standing behind them towards the left side of the screen.
  • After the first scene with Giles and Willow in England, we see Xander arrive at Buffy's house. As he gets out of his car, a camera crew is reflected in the car's door.
  • When Dawn and Kit fall through the bathroom floor, you can see that the area in which the hole is made up on fake floor tiles.

Trivia: In the coffee shop scene, when Halfrek is advising Anya to improve her vengeance, Halfrek warns Anya to remember what happened with "Mr. Czolgosz" (phonetically spelled "Cholgosh" in the captions for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers). This is a reference to a moment in the episode "Superstar" in which Anya, while explaining what she used to do as a vengeance demon, said, "Vengeance wishes, on ex-boyfriends. I'd wish he was a dog, or ugly, or in love with President McKinley, or something." On September 6, 1901, a fanatical fringe Anarchist named Leon Czolgosz shot President William McKinley at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. Czolgosz is one of the main characters depicted in the Stephen Sondheim/John Weidman musical "Assassins;" Joss Whedon, the writer of this episode, has given many interviews (mostly in conjunction with "Buffy"'s musical episode) in which he has expressed his admiration for the works of Stephen Sondheim.


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