First Date
Episode 14 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 137 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ABB14.
Jane Espenson - Writer
David Grossman - Director
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Buffy goes on a dinner date with Principal Wood to try and find out what is really going on with him. After they are attacked and he shows off some fighting skill in dusting a few vamps, he explains that he is the son of a Slayer that was killed in New York. Xander, too, finds a date when he impresses a girl with his rope knowledge, however her interest in him is much more demonic.

Meanwhile the First contacts Andrew in another attepmt to destroy the potentials and Giles finds himself tounge-tied with the new potential, Chao-Ahn.

original airdate--February 11,2003    rating--4.2 million


music--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder

  1. "Ammunition" by Trembling Blue Stars. 
  2. "Still Life" by Trembling Blue Stars.
  3. "Still Life" by Patty Medina


Body Count

  • One Harbinger of Death, beheaded by Giles
  • 3 vampires, dusted by Buffy
  • 2 vampires, dusted by Robin Wood
  • Lissa, beheaded by Buffy

Monster of the Week: 

  • Lyssa: Her demonic nature isn't touched upon before her death at the hands of Buffy, but she is apparently a non-descript temptress demon.


  • Potentials: Joanna, another potential is introduced in this episode, she apparently came to them between episodes. Also, Chao Ahn is shown on screen for the first time.
  • The First: The First finally returns in this episode and attempts to manipulate Andrew.


  1. Spike: Spike's chip has been removed entirely, much to the chagrin of Giles. We also find out that Spike will play some other role in The First's plans.
  2. Willow and Kennedy: Willow and Kennedy have apparently gotten together after their date in the previous episode.
  3. Principal Wood: Principal Wood has been revealed as a "freelance" vampire slayer. He was the son of a former slayer and maneuvered himself into Sunnydale to fight the evil to come. It is also revealed that he was raised by his mother's watcher.


Buffy Summers looks like your typical high school cheerleader type, with nothing to worry about but grades and boys. Change that to vampires and demons and you'll be right. For Buffy is the "chosen one," the latest in a long line of Slayers whose destiny it is to fight evil.

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regional titles

First Date
First Date
date du premier
Das erste Date
Dáta an chéad
Primo appuntamento
primera Fecha