Episode 16 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 139 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ABB16.
Jane Espenson - Writer
Marita Grabiak - Director
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Andrew uses a video camera to make a record of Buffy's exploits for the benefit of future generations. But his status as a detached observer changes when Buffy and the others connect him to the Seal of Danthalzar.

original airdate--February 25,2003     rating--2.3 million


music--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder

  1. "Brandenburg Concerto 3, Movement 1" by Bach. 



Body Count--a stressed out boy, explodes.

Goofs: When the camera pans over the graffiti that says "Die cheerleaders" the shadow of a cameraman is clearly visible as it reaches the furthest right.

  • In the scene when Andrew is talking to The First/Warren in Mexico, he's barefooted or wearing slippers from cut to cut.
  • There is a shot where a girl is turning invisible, and when the camera switches to Buffy slapping her, she is fully visible, until it turns back and she is slowly becoming visible again.
  • During Andrew's fantasy of him, Warren and Jonathan being Gods, something dark is reflected in of the piles of gold. Possibly a camera or camera crew.
  • When Andrew is explaining the ins and outs of Sunnydale, his marker-pointer changes from black to red and back again between shots.

Trivia: When the Scoobies pressure Andrew for useful information about the evil Seal of Danzalthar, Andrew tries to squirm out of it by asking instead for a "cool, refreshing Zima." Buffy replies, "No Zima!" and Spike says, "Shut your face about the Zima, just talk." Jane Espenson, the writer of this episode and a co-executive producer of "Buffy," had some years before created the name "Zima" for the adult beverage while working for a marketing firm.


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regional titles

Der Geschichtenerzähler
Il narratore