Lies My Parents Told Me
Episode 17 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 140 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ABB17.
David Fury - Writer
Drew Goddard - Writer
David Fury - Director
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Giles returns with a device that will deactivate Spike's trigger. It takes him into his past and shows the close relationship with his mother, who used to sing 'Early One Morning' to him. After he was sired by Drusilla he tried to save his dying mother by vamping her, but she turned on him and he had to stake her, leaving an emotional wound that has never managed to heal.

Meanwhile, when Buffy still refuses to believe Spike is a danger to them all, Robin asks Giles to help him get his revenge on Spike, leaving Buffy betrayed by the person she trusts the most.

original airdate--March 25,2003  rating--2.3 million


music--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder

  1. "Early One Morning" by Roger Whitaker.
  2. "Early One Morning" by Michelle O'Hare


Body Count

  • Two vampires, dusted by Spike
  • Anne Pratt, sired and dusted by Spike
  • Richard, dusted by Buffy

Monster of the Week: 

There's no monster of the week in this episode, because it is mainly about Spike and his past, as well as Robin's attempt to cope with working with the man who killed his mother.


  1. Spike: More of Spike's past is shown through flashbacks. This is the first time that Spike is given a proper flashback episode since Fool for Love. It particularly showcases the relationship with his mother, who essentially abandoned him after he sired her in order to heal her. The trigger that the First set up in his brain is removed in this episode.

Product Placement: Wood apparently is using a G4 iMac with iTunes in order to trigger Spike into attacking him. This falls inline with the rest of the show's Apple promotion, as Willow can be often seen with what looks like a G3 Powerbook.


Buffy Summers looks like your typical high school cheerleader type, with nothing to worry about but grades and boys. Change that to vampires and demons and you'll be right. For Buffy is the "chosen one," the latest in a long line of Slayers whose destiny it is to fight evil.

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alternative title

Also known as - Mothers and Sons

regional titles

Ligt mijn ouders vertelde Me
Lies My Parents Told Me
Mensonges mes Parents m'ont dit
Liegt meine Eltern erzählte mir
Lügen Meine Eltern haben mir
Si trova i miei genitori mi ha detto
Mentiras Mis padres me dijeron