Dirty Girls
Episode 18 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 141 of 145 overall.
Production number 7ABB18.
Drew Goddard - Writer
Michael Gershman - Director
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While Faith joins forces with the Scooby Gang, Buffy leads the Potential Slayers, against Giles' will, into battle against a powerful preacher called Caleb who has joined forces with "The First".

original airdate--April 15,2003          rating--3.3 million


music--Theme song--buffy the vampire slayer by Nerf Herder



Body Count

  • One vampire woman, dusted by Faith
  • Dianne, neck broken by Caleb
  • Molly, stabbed in the stomach by Caleb

Goofs: At 11:52, as Dawn says, "Buffy," the boom microphone sweeps across the top of the frame.

  • In the opening scene, where Caleb picks up the potential slayer in his truck, there is a brief shot of the two from the hood that pans slightly to the right. In doing so it reveals the edge of a screen showing a fence and trees passing by, revealing that the car is in fact stationary and in a studio.

Trivia: Joss Whedon briefly toyed with the idea of killing Xander in this episode, and having him appear as the First to Buffy for the remainder of the season. However, he decided against this because Xander was the one character who never wavered in his loyalty, and doing so this late on in the final season would not leave enough time to properly deal with his death. He ended up having his eye gouged out by Caleb instead.


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Dirty Girls
Dirty Girls
Dirty Girls
Dirty Girls
Ragazze Sporche
Dirty Girls