Old Cherry Blossom Road
Episode 4 of 12 within Season Two. Item 16 of 24 overall.
Production number 204.
Dawn Prestwich - Writer
Nicole Yorkin - Writer
Steve Shill - Director
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A relative of Ben's reveals to him dark family secrets - and the face of death. Stroud reports on his progress to Justin, who now sees the threat Ben poses; Balthus bears witness to more of Justin's abuse of power; and Iris beseeches Justin not to keep secrets, though she's desperate to protect her own.

Meanwhile, Burley wants to do business with Rita Sue, as Stumpy ponders an even more distasteful scheme to feed the local hungry men; Lila finds a wealth of clues in Lodz's trailer; Ruthie continues to see visions; and Libby dances around the tension with Jonesy, who gives Sofie a new assignment.

original airdate--January 30,2005        


music--theme song by Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman


Ben's Location: Ingram, Texas

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regional titles

Old Cherry Blossom Road
Old Cherry Blossom Road
Old Cherry Blossom route
Old Cherry Blossom Straße
Old Cherry Blossom Road
Old Cherry Blossom Strada
Viejo camino de flor de cerezo