The Wendigo
Episode 12 of 22 within Season One. Item 12 of 178 overall.
Production number 4398011.
Edithe Swensen - Writer
James L. Conway - Director
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A supernatural animal called a Wendigo who appears normal during the day but hairy and nasty at night attacks Piper, who catches a nasty case of turning Wendigo. Phoebe reluctantly involves Prue in a search for a lost child when she gets a premonition from an item up for auction at Prue's new job at an auction house. Prue and Phoebe return home to a troubled sister.

Prue has to contain her jealousy when a beautiful FBI agent teams with Andy to catch the Wendigo, but the woman turns out to be a true femme fatale when they figure out that she, in fact, is the Wendigo that attacked Piper. When night falls Prue and Phoebe must determine which Wendigo in the woods to kill, and which is Piper. Luckily, when one freezes in time and the other keeps moving, they have their answer. Turning Wendigo doesn't turn off any witchly powers, thank goodness.

original airdate--February 3,1999      rating--

Songs:Charmed Theme song--How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love

  1. "Down So Long" by Jewel


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regional titles

de Wendigo
The Wendigo
an Wendigo
El Hombre Lobo