The Good, The Bad and The Cursed
Episode 14 of 22 within Season Three. Item 58 of 178 overall.
Production number 4300058.
Monica Breen - Writer
Alison Schapker - Writer
Shannen Doherty - Director
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When Victor takes Phoebe to visit a deserted town, she gets the same injures as an American-Indian trapped in a time loop of that town. Prue enters the time loop with Cole (which is stuck in the mid-1800s) to save the man, and Phoebe, from death at the hands of a local thug.

original airdate--February 15,2001    rating--5.1 million

network: WB

music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love



Orbing: Type of teleportation used by Leo

Telekinesis: Used by Prue to fling Cole, to take out a bullet from Bo's body and to fling Sutter.

Premonition: Used by Phoebe and Bo.

Healing: Used by Leo to try to heal Phoebe.

Shimmering: Type of teleportation used by Cole.

Energy Balls: Used by Cole.


Magical Beings: Bo Lightfeather - A psychic with the ability to see into the future. The injustice of his murder created a time loop. Phoebe accidentally created a psychic link with him, causing her to experience all the injuries and pain he does, and if he was killed, so would she be.

Goofs: Piper finds the Newspaper Sutter had printed about Bo dying at sundown and takes it back to the Manor. Newsprint, 128 years old, as it is according to storyline, would be too fragile to handle even if well protected much less exposed to the elements. (This is assuming it would still be readable.)

  • When Phoebe and Victor are walking through the ghost town in the background on the porch, there is a water bottle, left there by either a cast or crew member.
  • When Cole first shows up at the manor, he has a slight beard and mustache. But once he and Prue shimmer to the town, he's clean shaven and then has the beard and mustache again.

Trivia: The title refers to the western Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo. (1966).

  • Victor finds out that Leo is a Whitelighter.


"When three sisters reunite they unlock powers that have been dormant since they were children. In fact, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches alive -- charged with protecting the innocent from evil."

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regional titles

The Good, The Bad en The Cursed
The Good, The Bad and The Cursed
La ville fantÙme
Stadt der Geister
An Chéasta, An Droch agus an cursed
Il buono, il brutto e il Maledetto
El bueno, el feo y el no muerto