I Dream of Phoebe
Episode 15 of 23 within Season Six. Item 126 of 178 overall.
Curtis Kheel - Writer
John T. Kretchmer - Director
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Phoebe gets a letter for her advice column from a certain Jinny that says she is involved with a very controlling man. She scries to find Jinny and ends up having to go to Middle East. She has Chris orb her there and finds a location that looks like a dig site... maybe Jinny is an archeologist? But why would she send a letter to an advice columnist in San Francisco? They get attacked by two Arabian thieves and Chris gets wounded. Then we see a demon, Bosk, Phoebe saw in a premonition. He's flying on a magic carpet and holding a bottle with markings on it. Chris and Phoebe are able to send Bosk away but not before he dropped his bottle which Phoebe picks up. As she picks it, a green fume comes out of the bottle and an exotic woman wearing a green vest and green chiffon pants appears... yes, you've guest it, it's Jinny, the genie, from that old TV series (she won't be played by Barbara Eden, the original one, since this Jinny will be in her late 20s). Jinny is now at the service of her new master... Phoebe! They bring Jinny back at the manor, where Jinny warns them that Bosk will come to try and get her back. She also tells them that the reason she wrote to Phoebe is that her bottle has been passed for centuries amongst demons and that she knew Phoebe would wish her free. Piper is on a date even though it's the middle of the day with a fireman named Greg. Chris is highly concerned and mentions it to Leo because Piper seems to be REALLY attracted to Greg. Leo is petitioning amongst the Elders to have Chris go back to the future but Phoebe doesn't agree. They must stop Bosk from getting Jinny back and getting his third and last wish granted: getting command over The Lost City, which was the seat of power for an evil empire before it got engulfed in a desert. Things won't go as planned when Phoebe wishes Jinny to be free which will need Phoebe to temporarily become a genie. Richard and Paige are still dating but Richards interest in making potions for everything (earings, get powers, etc.) and starting to sound more like is dead family is making things harder lately. His distress will have someone use him and cause much pain for the Charmed Ones.

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regional titles

I Dream of Phoebe
Bezaubernde Phoebe
Sueño con Phoebe