The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
Episode 16 of 23 within Season Six. Item 127 of 178 overall.
Production number 4301127.
Brad Kern - Writer
Joel Feigenbaum - Director
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A Darklighter named Damien, accidentally sends both Leo and Piper to the Ghostly plane, leaving Phoebe and Paige to believe that they are dead. Unbeknownst to everybody, Gideon has made a deal with the Darklighters to get Leo out of the way.

Meanwhile, Chris begins to disappear and reveals that he must be conceived before the night is over or he will vanish forever.

original airdate--February 22,2004 rating--5.0 million


music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love

  1. "Strict Machine" by Goldfrapp
  2. "End of Time" by Nate Bosley


Trivia: The title refers to the television series and movie entitled The Courtship of Eddie's Father.


"When three sisters reunite they unlock powers that have been dormant since they were children. In fact, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches alive -- charged with protecting the innocent from evil."

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regional titles

De verkering van Wyatt's vader
The Courtship of Wyatt's Father
Le mariage du père de Wyatt
The Courtship of Wyatts Vater
An Courtship an Athar Wyatt ar
Il corteggiamento di padre di Wyatt
El noviazgo del padre de Wyatt