Hyde School Reunion
Episode 17 of 23 within Season Six. Item 128 of 178 overall.
Production number 4301128.
David Simkins - Writer
Jonathan West - Director
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Paige accompanies PhoebeÝ to her high school reunion. Phoebe (when in high school) was mischievous girl and was always into trouble. Members of Phoebe's old gang are there: Ramona, the one who used to do everything Phoebe asked; Todd, Phoebe's old flame. The only one missing is Rick, the old gang leader, because he's been arrested and is in County Jail.

During the reunion, Phoebe starts to not feel right, she exits the gym followed by Paige. She suddendly morphs into Teen Phoebe: long hair, 90s clothes, ready to battle. Bored from the reunion, Phoebe casts a spell so everyone acts as their teenager selves.

Elsewhere, a wild adventure awaits the old gang which includes borrowing a cop's car, and visiting their old gang leader who's now in prison... breaking him out and pulling a few other pranks? But Rick as plans of his own.

original airdate--March 14,2004   rating--4.8 million


music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love


Trivia: The title makes reference to the novel "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

  • Up until this point, Holly Marie Combs' real life pregnancy was carefully hidden. However, this is the first time where it really is acknowledged. Also, to explain how Piper was now fully pregnant after just finding out in the previous episode the writers set this episode six months after the events in the previous episode.


"When three sisters reunite they unlock powers that have been dormant since they were children. In fact, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches alive -- charged with protecting the innocent from evil."

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regional titles

Hyde School reünie
Hyde School Reunion
Hyde School Reunion
Hyde-School Reunion
Hyde Reunion Scoile
Riunione di scuola di Hyde
Reunión de la escuela de Hyde