Spin City
Episode 18 of 23 within Season Six. Item 129 of 178 overall.
Production number 456006.
Doug E. Jones - Writer
Andy Reaser - Writer
Mel Damski - Director
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Chris, infected by a spider demon, turns on his family, while Leo and Paige attempt damage control. Apparently, this demon feeds off the energy of magical beings every 100 years, enveloping her victims in a cocoon.

Also, an Irishman beseeches Paige to remove the curse that robbed him of his rightful persona as a Leprechaun.

original airdate--April 18,2004            rating--3.8 million


music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love

  1. "Shine" by Andy Stochansky
  2. "Life Is Short" by Butterfly Boucher



Goofs: When Paige is imprisoned on the stairway with the web that Chris shot at her, you can see she is in fact sitting on a piece of wood and that her feet are resting on two wedges of wood.

  • When the ogre drops the rock he's been throwing at the demons spider web, you can clearly see it's made of foam, it bounces on the ground.
  • When Phoebe leaves Ron and goes to the bar to tell Paige the bar is hopping, Paige reaches down for what can be assumed as a drink for Phoebe. In the next shot, the drink is already there with a straw and you never see Paige get back up.
  • Chris says that in the future he goes to Paige for money, but in _"Charmed" Oh My Goddess: Part 1 (2003)_he states that where he comes from history shows Paige died that day, meaning she died long before he was born, so there was no way he could ask her for money in the future.
  • Chris hands Paige the vanquishing potion for her to bless but immediately after he is gesturing with his hand you can see the potion bottle still in it. Then during the fight scene Phoebe throws a clearly blue potion which Chris catches before attacking Phoebe and Paige, but when Phoebe knocks it out of his hand and it comes to rest by Paige's hand on the floor it is yellow. When Paige gets up with the potion it is once again blue.

Trivia: In the scene where Phoebe is meeting her date at the restaurant "Cafe le Bleu", it is the same exterior that was used in the first few seasons for the restaurant Piper worked at, "Quake".

  • The title was also the title of a Michael J. Fox television series.



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Spin City
Die Spinne
La ciudad giratoria